Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Wakeopolis offer?

Wakeopolis is situated on a private lake and contains central Ohio’s first and only cable wakeboarding system, where riders are pulled across the lake by a 100% electric overhead cable system rather than a traditional motor boat.  The cable system allows us to teach beginners at a much faster and safer pace when compared to traditional motor boat wakeboarding.  The facility is available only through a reservation for your group or by scheduling a private lesson.  We also offer summer day camps for riders of all ages and skill levels.  We can accommodate groups up to 200 people and frequently host class reunions, community fund raisers, parks and recreation department summer adventure camps, and birthday parties.  We can also offer overnight camping for your group.

2. What should I bring with me on my first visit to Wakeopolis?

  • Swim suit / bathing suit (girls wearing a two piece may want shorts over their bathing suit bottoms if they plan to wakeboard).  We have a changing room available.
  • Sunscreen
  • A signed waiver for yourself and anyone under 18 that will be riding the cable (waivers from previous seasons do not carry over)
  • Water/refreshments

3. Are pets permitted?

No, sorry. We have had too many visitors that don’t control their pets or clean up after them.

4. Are BBQ setups permitted?

Yes. There is one charcoal BBQ that we usually keep onsite and is free to use. We ask that you please clean it and remove the coals afterwards. Otherwise you are free to bring in whatever type of BBQ setup you like, as long as you remove it and clean up afterwards.

5. Is alcohol permitted?

Yes, under the following conditions:

  • No Glass Containers;
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is not permitted;
  • No one under 21 will be permitted to consume alcohol. Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave. Any member who permits the underage consumption of alcohol may have their membership revoked; and
  • No one under the influence of alcohol is permitted to ride the cable.

6. What is the age limit for the cable system?

We have had children body surfing and knee boarding as young as 4 years old with some children wakeboarding at 5. We would be hesitant to introduce children to this activity much earlier than these ages, but every child is different and you are the best judge of what they would be comfortable doing.

Parents are free to float alongside their children as they become comfortable, but we must put you in a helmet. 🙂

7. Can I swim in the lake while my friends/family are riding?

Yes. Please only enter/exit the lake only from the two swim docks. Anyone under the age of 13 is required to wear a Coast Guard Approved lifejacket when swimming. There is no life guard on duty so swim at your own risk.

8. What if we reserve a private session and the weather is bad?

We operate our cable system rain or shine, but we do shut down the cable system when there is lighting or high winds. We will extend your private session by the amount of time the cable was shut down. However, our weather in central Ohio changes quickly and is hard to predict, so we do not typically cancel a private session because of predicted rain. If inclement weather is predicted for the day of your session, we can also try to move the session to an earlier/later time to avoid the weather, or shorten your session to avoid the inclement weather. Please contact us at if you would like to adjust your private session based on the weather forecast.

9. Do you sell any water, beer, sunscreen, food, or other items?

No, but we are lucky to have a gas station with a convenience store, Wendy’s restaurant, and a Kroger’s grocery store within a few minutes of the lake. Turn right out of the Wakeopolis driveway, take a right at the stop sign (onto West 5th St/Northwest Parkway), and everything is on your right hand side within a mile or two.

10. What if I have no experience whatsoever in watersports, snowboarding/snowskiing, skateboarding, or ANYTHING like this?

No problem at all, this is exactly what Wakeopolis is here for. We want to expose more people to the sport that we love! We are perfectly setup for first timers to feel comfortable and learn as fast and as safe as possible. Again, we highly recommend a private lesson if you are completely new to wakeboarding.

11. Is there anything else I can do to prepare for my private lesson or to improve my riding when I’m not on the water?

Wakeboarding is a strenuous activity and it will benefit you greatly to elevate your level of personal fitness before your private lesson or in the off season. Having strong legs, arms, back, and core will increase your comfort level and your ability to learn new tricks.

There are plenty of wakeboard specific resources online, but if you live in the central Ohio area then we recommend contacting local wakeboarder and trainer Jeff Mitchell, owner and CEO of Future Physique ( Jeff understands wakeboarding very well and can help you design a program that will improve not only your wakeboarding, but also your overall fitness level.