getting_readyThe straight-line two tower cable system at Wakeopolis is perfect for learning. For first timers, the cable is much higher than a boat ski-pole or tower – so you are pulled ‘up’ out of the water, making it much easier to stand up for the first time. For intermediate riders, the cable stops and starts on a dime – so you can try a new trick over and over within a very short span of time.

The 5 acre private lake at Wakeopolis is well protected from wind and there are no boats, so the water is always very calm, which is a great condition for learning.

For private lessons, you will be working with two of our staff members simultaneously. The first is a cable operator, who sits on shore and will start/stop and change the speed of the cable. The second is an on-water instructor, who floats alongside you in the water, providing tips and pointers and can even ride to show you examples of drills they want you to perform.

We have a variety of instructors, male and female, intermediate to competition level riders that can help you get to whatever goals you have in mind. When you make your reservation, please give us an idea of your current experience level and what you would like to learn. Here’s an example of experience levels:

First Timer (Introductory)

The first timer is brand new to wakeboarding and its related activities (wakesurfing and wakeskating) and is learning the very basics of getting up, staying up, edging, and maneuvering down the lake in a safe and controlled manner.


The beginner rider has mastered how to get up and stay up, and is starting to learn basic concepts such as body position, stance, edging, and basic surface slides, simple spins, and tricks. You may be working on riding switch, surface slides, or ollies and jumps.

Many, if not most, wakeboarders fall in between the beginner and intermediate level. This is also the stage where an understanding of various techniques starts to click for you, and with the right guidance and coaching, you’ll quickly progress your wakeboarding skills.


The intermediate rider has mastered the basic concepts listed above and can jump both heelside and toeside over at least 1 wake on the boat, and is in the process of, or can already jump both wakes.

This rider has probably already played around a little bit on wakeboard sliders, boxes, rails, and kickers – and may also be working on intermediate level spins and inverts such as 180’s, Backrolls, or Tantrums.


The advanced-intermediate rider has mastered most foundation concepts, both regular and switch, and is working on advanced-intermediate level spins and inverts, such as 360’s, Raley’s, and inverts with grabs.

This level of rider is most often considered an enthusiast and rides as often as they can with their friends, on boat or cable, or even with a winch or other creative contraption. This level of riding is also exciting because, with the right coaching, many of the basic spins and inverts will be learned in a very short span of time, as they build upon earlier learned concepts and start to really understand edging, hand placement, handle control, line tension, and other key factors.


The advanced level rider has a pretty good understanding of all foundation elements, from most approach angles, and is working on spins and inverts that involve handle passes, or multiple dynamics and variations. This rider is most likely looking for guidance and improvement on a select tricks, such as a 720, Moby Dick, Tantrum to Blind, Tootsie Roll, KGB, Crow Mobe, or a 911, just to name a few.

A combination of land, trampoline, cable, and boat exercises will play an important role in this level of training. This level of student may also be looking for guidance on how to put together a contest run, or train for an upcoming event or competition.